Sara Lipetz

After thirty-plus years in San Diego, my husband and I traded in palm trees, ocean sunsets and 75-degree weather for a house in the forest, lightning bugs and a slower pace of life when we moved to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, in 2016 with our two kids.  I miss so much about the West but the South completely intrigues me. The people, architecture, trees and humid summers have slowly captivated my heart. 

My interest in photography began the first time I was in a dark room when I was 10 years old. Since then I have studied the work of amateur and professional photographers and eventually, with hours and hours of self-guided practice, have come to find my own style. Whether I am photographing landscapes, products or people, I enjoy playing with light and perspective. 

As the photographer it is really fun to bring my ideas to a project or session. I love the creative freedom to push boundaries and discover new perspectives. But my experiences can only bring so much to each project. Whether we are working together to tell the story of a place, product or a chapter in your book of life,  I want our time together to be playful, exploratory and collaborative. I am here to enter into your world to create images that capture the art you create every day. 

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