Sara Lipetz

Sara Lipetz Photography

  1. Clyde Jones’ Critter Home

    04 Nov 2019
    Home has many identities and definitions in today’s world, but for some it will always be a single place to keep their most cherished possessions, those treasures collected while travelling through life. Home is a permanent physical space intended to store both tangible and intangible artifacts that pull into consciousness…

  2. Climate Strike 9-20-2019

    24 Sep 2019
    “Child, do as we have not. Wander this land and with your eyes wide open. Trust the mountain, not your name for it. Bury your hands in the common loam and feel there the blood sent like a flood upon this place. Feel too the roots and seeds.” - excerpt…

  3. Grand Canyon North Rim

    19 Aug 2019
    Earlier this month we camped at the North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park, a place that is dear to my heart. Four years ago we embarked on our first camping trip with kids at the North Rim completely unprepared physically and emotionally. Our good friends booked the site and…

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